Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Verde Brewing Company

Verde Brewing Company in Camp Verde, Arizona is bringing farm to brewery mentality for its thirsty residents. 

Camp Verde, Arizona is filled with secrets. It is the only place to access Arizona’s last
two wild and scenic rivers, Fossil Creek and the Verde River, and it is home to a vibrant
agricultural community. Fields of corn, grape vines, alfalfa, and other staple crops grace the
landscape of the valley to create a green oasis.
Residents of Camp Verde know its many secrets and allure, but for others, Camp Verde
is a pit stop – a place to get gas on the way to somewhere else. However, one determined,
hardworking, history-loving millennial might be changing that “pit stop” image, one beer at
a time.
Alex Goetting, a twenty-something graduate from University of Arizona, is the owner
and visionary behind Verde Brewing Company, Camp Verde’s farm-to-mug brewery. This
talented, up-and-coming brew master has turned locally grown pecans, hops, barley, and
prickly pear – yes prickly pear, grown on his own backyard farm – into handcrafted beers
that are worth traveling for.
Indeed, Alex Goetting’s inventive beers are quickly tapping out at his restaurant, Verde
Brewing Company’s Burgers and Beer. But before the restaurant, and even before the first
beer was brewed, Verde Brewing Company was an idea, if not a scribble between college
history notes, for Alex Goetting. <CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE STORY>