Thursday 23 January 2020
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verde brewing company

Verde Brewing Company

Verde Brewing Company in Camp Verde, Arizona is bringing farm to brewery mentality for its thirsty residents.  Camp Verde, Arizona is...


POINT OF BREW – Mixing it Up

As a homebrewer, I have been known to ‘mix it up.’ Unusual ingredients, challenging techniques, aberrant flavors. One example is...


POINT OF BREW: Local is All Over the Place

I grew up in northern Minnesota—not just “eating local,” but living off the land. We grew our own wheat for flour, purchased whole...


POINT OF BREW: Message in a Bottle

Beer is a sociable beverage, but it can also be a language. When tasting a new beer, I often feel a sort of surrogate camaraderie with the...

POINT OF BREW: Homebrew Guy Meets Microbrew Man: Part 2

Superman has Metropolis. Batman has Gotham City. The Microbrew Men at Borderlands Brewing Company have Tucson. When we left them in Part 1...

POINT OF BREW: Homebrew Guy Meets Microbrew Man: Part 1

I still remember when I first met Homebrew Guy. He was standing proud, majestic and godlike in his superhero uniform (tee shirt, shorts and...