Tuesday 15 October 2019
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Arizona Wine Pioneer Al Buhl Passes Away

We were saddened to hear the news of a true Arizona wine pioneer passing away. Al Buhl was instrumental in helping to create the burgeoning industry that we see today.

As owner of Dos Cabezas Vineyards (now Arizona Stronghold Vineyards) in Willcox, Al would prove to inspire many of today’s winemakers and they happily give him credit for doing so. Many of them started their Arizona winemaking careers working for Buhl in varying capacities.

A few quotes from those he touched from their Facebook pages:

Kent Callaghan: “A very good man.”

Al Buhl in the vineyard

Photo provided by Todd Bostock

Rod Keeling: “Al Buhl, more than just about anyone else, got me and many others started in the wine business. He will be missed.”

Sam Pillsbury: “Bye bye Al Buhl. Rest in Peace.”

Village of Elgin Winery: “Our hearts are heavy tonight with the passing of Al Buhl. He was an amazing man, father, husband, and one of the pioneers of the Arizona wine industry. Our prayers go out to his wife and 2 sons.”

One of those closest to Buhl, Todd Bostock, purchased the Dos Cabezas WineWorks label, moving the winery to Sonoita where his family owns their vineyard and continues the Dos Cabezas WineWorks legacy today. Todd said: “We lost our friend & brother Al Buhl yesterday. Many of my colleagues & I are in debt to Al for clearing the path we now travel along. He was one of my favorite people. Generosity was basic to him – I admired him… He started [Dos Cabezas WineWorks] in 1995 and believed in great wine from Arizona when the notion was still unbelievable… He was a good liver… Open something special, turn the Rolling Stone’s Gimme Shelter up to 11 & toast Al with us… We will miss him dearly.”

We were honored to have Al Buhl write an article for us for the Spring 2013 issue of Arizona Vines & Wines. Learn more about him and his contribution to the wine industry.

Perspectives on the Arizona Wine Industry 1990-2013 by Al Buhl

Here are a couple other links to articles that have been written about Mr. Buhl’s passing and his life.

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Tucson Citizen: Longtime St. Augustine coach Al Buhl passes away

Cheers to you in heaven, Al Buhl.

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