Tuesday 21 January 2020
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About Us

azwine-john-michelle-johnsonJOHN & MICHELLE JOHNSON – Owners / Publishers
John and Michelle Johnson are the new owners of AZ WINE Lifestyle Magazine and John is Publisher and will oversee advertising sales, editorial coordination, and design. Michelle will be in charge of office management, distribution and social media. John is a 30-year veteran of the publishing industry with roots in the Johnson family publishing legacy that includes Hoyt, who is among Arizona’s most well-known authors; Tom, one of Northern Arizona’s most respected photographers; and Marcia, Hoyt III and Julie. The Johnson family members are the original publishers of Scottsdale Scene Magazine, Sedona Magazine and Sedona Visitors Guide.


John and Michelle Johnson are excited about the opportunity to own AZ WINE Lifestyle and plan to keep the content relevant, covering similar topics, including focus on the wines and wineries of Arizona, with content and distribution covering the entire state. John said, “We are looking forward to continuing the excellence in publishing that has showcased AZ WINE Lifestyle as a leader in the industry.”


Previous owners Josh and Rhonni Moffitt stated, “We had a number of offers from buyers of AZ WINE Lifestyle but none that made us feel confident in the future of the publication. It was important to us that the new owner would continue with the integrity of what we started, have a commitment to the Arizona wine industry while also having the know-how to hopefully take AZ WINE Lifestyle even further than we did. We are very happy that we found just such a person.”


Rhonni added, “The new owners are experienced publishers and knowing the quality of John’s past work, we are confident that the reputation of the publication will continue, and that our readers and advertisers will be very happy.”


Rhonni Moffitt will stay as a consultant to the Johnsons so that readers and advertisers will have a seamless transition into the new incarnation of the publication. She said, “We are so happy to see the legacy of what we began continue. Josh and I look forward to watching where AZ WINE Lifestyle goes from here – reaching even bigger audiences, with a potential for unlimited growth under the new, experienced ownership.”


Distribution locations will remain the same with plans to add future locations. The Johnsons are committed to keeping advertising rates affordable and competitive. Johnson said, “AZ WINE Lifestyle will continue to be the best resource for everyone who loves wine, cocktails, beer, tours, attractions, and the best places to stay in Arizona.” In addition, we will begin to cover all things that go along with a wine lifestyle, such as luxury real estate and autos, exquisite fashion, and fine art.


Along with the sale, the Johnsons are the new owners of This popular website offers viewers an easy way to enjoy an Arizona wine lifestyle. New content is uploaded often, including feature articles on the home page, guest bloggers, a current calendar of events and much more. For those who want to explore Arizona wine country, this website is the most complete online resource.


The Johnsons said, “We hope everyone continues to enjoy and AZ WINE Lifestyle Magazine. Go and discover our uniquely beautiful state of Arizona using all the information we provide, and create your own AZ wine lifestyle!”