Sunday 17 November 2019
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AZWINE – Arizona Wine Pairing with Your Favorite Comfort Foods

Arizona Wine Pairing is a delightful experience that is not as difficult as one may think… 


Whether simply looking for a glass to complement
a takeout pizza or a bottle to impress guests
alongside homemade beef bourguignon,
choosing the right wine can be a daunting
task. Good news – it doesn’t have to be that
stressful. Picking the right bottle is more intuitive
than you may think.
The key to matching food with the right wine
is to achieve balance. The wine and the meal
should be equal in terms of weight or richness,
without either one overwhelming the other.
For example, a heavy dish such as pot roast
needs a heavier red wine, while a light salad
would be overwhelmed by the same red wine;
it instead matches better with a lighter-body
white wine.
But it’s not always black and white. All 16
comfort foods we address below are on the
rich, heavy side (they are all comfort foods,
after all) but not all of them pair with the
same types of wine. Instead, we have to consider
the other elements of each dish. Sure,
they may all be rich, but some are earthy
– think beef and mushrooms – while others
are creamy like mac and cheese or a creambased
casserole. Each necessitates a different