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2013 Winners of the Arizona Republic Wine Competition

AZ Wine Lifestyle is excited to present this year’s winners from the Arizona Republic Wine Competition. Every year the competition grows in stature and in the number of awards–this year with the most award categories yet!

Back in 2009, the inaugural year for the Arizona Wine Competition, the competition was sponsored by the Arizona Wine Growers Association (AWGA). At the time, AWGA President Todd Bostock had the idea to create a competition to showcase the wonderful accomplishments of the Arizona wine growers. He appointed an independent coordinator who then compiled a group of judges to taste the submitted wines blind. That year the awards were given out at the inaugural Festival at the Farm. It was a very exciting time for the AWGA, the winemakers and the wine industry.

The following year, Richard Ruelas, a reporter from the Arizona Republic and a staunch supporter of Arizona wines, took over running the competition and the Arizona Republic began sponsoring it, thus becoming the Arizona Republic Wine Competition. Every year a new team of judges is brought together to taste an overwhelming number of wines. The judges have various wine pedigrees, from local sommeliers, to restaurant owners, wine distributors and other wine professionals. The wines are tasted blind and each judged on its own merits.

The award categories expanded from the Grower’s Cup Medal and Winemaker’s Medal, to include Judges’ Favorites and Wines of Distinction. This year they’ve added Best of Show, as well as Best of… which features the best of single varietals and categorized blends (i.e. Super Tuscan, Bordeaux, etc.). The awards were presented at the “Celebration of Arizona Winemakers” at Quiessence at The Farm on November 15.

We congratulate all the winners and look forward to visiting the wineries to try these award-winning wines! Click below to view the winners of each category.

Best Of… Award Winners – White Varietals

Best Of… Award Winners – Red Varietals

Grower’s Cup and Winemaker’s Medal Award Winners

Judges’ Favorites Award Winners

Wines of Distinction


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