Tuesday 19 June 2018
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Welcome to our new blog!

With all of our travels and tastes of Arizona wines we felt it was time to start a blog and tell you about our experiences with all these great wines and wineries throughout the state.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our website to find more information on wine in Arizona. We are constantly expanding our content and updating our information. Although the wine industry is constantly changing, we do our best to stay current.

If you have any questions or comments that you’d like to send directly to us, email We’re open to suggestions on how to improve our site and this blog.

Keep in mind that when we discuss wines on this blog, we are not experts. We are casual wine drinkers that are trying new wines all the time. We will express our views on this blog coming from our own personal experiences. We realize that not everyone will share our point of view so we’ll do our best to describe the wine in a simple, easy to understand format.

If you decide to make comments on our blog, please do not be negative. There’s a place for all wines in Arizona and there’s a drinker for each of them. This is not a place to promote negativity but instead to share in the wonderful world of wine . . . and narrow it down to the wonderful “STATE” of wine.

Enjoy and have a great day!

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