Friday 20 April 2018
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Page Springs Cellars Releases Arizona Oak Wine

Page Springs Cellars announces the release of their first wines aged on indigenous Arizona oak. The wines will premier at Page Springs Cellars’ Arizona Oak Release Party on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013, from 6-9 p.m. This will be the only evening that the oak flight will be offered, after which the wines will only be available to Members of the Page Springs Cellars Wine Club.

AZ-AcornThe release of these wines signifies a step forward in the locality of the wines produced at Page Springs Cellars. The brand has previously utilized a variety of oak barrels including French, American and Hungarian, and even more recently the use of Acacia Oak from the Southern France. This new winemaking program was founded by Owner and Vigneron Eric Glomski, with the goal of spurring creativity and bringing the Page Springs Cellars wines even closer to expressing the local landscape.

“Before becoming a winemaker I worked as a plant biologist here in the Central Arizona Uplands. That experience and knowledge inspired me to start this project and push the bounds of what we can do creatively,” said Glomski. “I harvested several species of Arizona oak from the high mountains nearby and set out to make local barrels. After curing the wood for two years and then spending an additional two years experimenting with oak staves, we’re ready to share five unique and completely Arizona wines.”

Glomski utilized oak from Prescott National Forest, specifically Arizona White Oak, Quercus arizonica, and Emory Oak, Quercus emoryii. The oaks were made into staves to insert into barrels in order to test out the flavor combination of the woods. Each batch of wood was toasted at three different levels in order to expose different flavor profiles.

The Arizona Oak Release Party on September 26 will feature a flight of all five Arizona oak wines:

• Fort Bowie Sangiovese, pick 1
• Colibri Vineyards, Syrah Clone 99
• Yavapai County Grenache
• Page Springs Cellars Landscape
• Dragoon Vineyards Marselan

During the event, the flight will cost $10 and this will be the only evening all five wines will be available to the public. Live music and special pairings will also be offered.

This event is free to Members of the Page Springs Cellars Wine Club. The celebration will continue all weekend with tastings of the Arizona Oak Fort Bowie Sangiovese, pick 1 available September 27 through 29.

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