Monday 20 November 2017
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Love at First Bite: Kaleidoscope Juice

After a long weekend of delicious Arizona wine, indulgent dinners and pastry, one may feel lethargic and run down. Your body may crave something, grasping to come back into balance. Enter Kaleidoscope Juice, located in Old Town Scottsdale.

Kaleidoscope LogoThe story of Kaleidoscope Juice starts with the birth of another company. Blackbird Natural came about while Alexandra Maw was attending Arizona State University, learning business, real estate development and design. Friends encouraged her to apply for an entrepreneurial grant called the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative.

Maw says her decision to apply came a bit spontaneously. “I had a stroke of inspiration in the shower, I think, for a healthy slow-food fast concept,” she recounts warmly in her shared shop, as her assistants begin the juicing process in the background. “I asked my mom if she would partner with me, and we wrote our business plan and we submitted it. We ended up recipients of [the] grant. That was really the confidence I needed to send me on my way.”

With the economy tumbling downhill in 2007, Maw felt that opening a slow-food fast concept would not be a wise decision, and instead, developed a tiny product for her existing company Blackbird—raw cacao truffles. The product was so well-received; it soon landed on the shelves at Whole Foods Market.

The Maws used their profits from the raw cacao truffle sales to build a few small organic gardens, permaculture projects here-and-there, and eventually added chickens to their fold. Blackbird then morphed and evolved again over the next few years into an heirloom seed company, selling non-GMO organic heirloom seeds, primarily of the vegetable and medicinal variety.

Ever the entrepreneur, Maw felt the need to adapt her business again.

“I felt like I wanted to reinvigorate the food aspect [of] Blackbird. There has been a lot of success in treating different health concerns and optimizing your health by juicing,” Maw states. “It’s a very bioavailable form of nutrition. Really easy for your body to absorb, and a high-dense nutrition, because it’s about three pounds of organic produce per juice, so it’s flooding your body with nutrients; at the same time your body is able to absorb it very easily.”

She utilizes a cold press because the hydraulic action of the machine extracts all the juice without the use of any kind of heat during the process. When heat is produced, it kills the enzymes of the juice, just as if they were cooked.

fruit-USE pouring-USE

Maw exclaims, “Raw is better, especially when you are juicing.”

The pulp comes out dry as paper, with all the nutrients pressed from them in the brightly colored juices. The leftover pulp is fed to the Maw’s chickens, and also given to a local farmer to be used for compost.

For those who are not hardcore into the juicing scene, fear not!

“If you can juice at home and supplement with us, that’s great,” Maw explains. “If you want to make it really sustainable, if you feel like you need to reboot and really kick it into high gear, just try juice for a couple days. Nothing but juice; do a cleanse. Or just drink a couple juices a week. That’s a great solid base.”

The vibe at Kaleidoscope Juice is not that of conformation to a stringent juice life.

Kaleidoscope Juice Feature

“We love wine; we love food,” Maw proclaims, “but [juicing] ensures that you are getting all the amazing nutrients that you really need. That takes the stress out of it. When people are embarking on this journey with us, it becomes such a loving, guilt-free, stress-free process. You can’t make a mistake with it. Have your wine. Have your juice. Have a happy life.”

To incorporate the ideas of the original business Maw and her mother dreamed up, delicious salads are slowly being integrated onto the Kaleidoscope menu. For about 10 dollars, each pre-packaged salad is available in a variety of flavors, including a heavenly quinoa bowl and a kelp noodle salad.

With recipes that honor the seasons, a loving and welcoming attitude, and a commitment to the best quality, Kaleidoscope Juice is altering the once rigorous vibe of juice cleanses.

Check the Kaleidoscope Juice website for more information on pricing, juicing health benefits or to find out about the planned juicing-yoga events the Maws have been organizing.

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