Friday 18 August 2017
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An Epicurean’s Dream Vacation “AmaWaterways Wine Cruise”



Story and Photos courtesy of AmaWaterways
The heart and soul of a culture can be discovered in many ways, one of the most exciting being its cuisine. Travelers can learn so much about the land, local people and their customs by trying the foods and drinks that are enjoyed there and – as all foodies will agree – experiencing new flavor is so much fun. This is why the river cruise line has created a variety of unique Wine Cruises on the Rhine, Danube, Mosel, Rhone, Seine, Douro and Garonne rivers that offer guests the option to immerse themselves even deeper in the tastes of Europe. In addition to the amazing tours in grand capitals and charming towns, these cruises enhance already-spectacular itineraries with opportunities for your clients to uncork local traditions through wine and food-related activities both on board and during excursions – all at no additional cost.